It’s all about sharing knowledge

Our guiding philosophy is that that everyone has something to learn from those they meet (and listen to) at our events and, conversely, that everyone has something they can teach others.

Everyone is welcome

It is important to us that everyone feels welcome at Bristech - whether you are a professional developer or a hobbyist; whether you’re a JS developer, embedded systems engineer, project manager or DevOps practitioner; whether you’re young or old; and whatever your ethnic background, gender and faith - we want you to feel just as much a part of our community as the next person.

We take inclusivity at our events very seriously indeed. Our position on a number of different aspects are made explicit below. If we have missed anything please get in touch, and we will try and do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

Code of conduct

We have a code of conduct that is reflected at all Bristech events.

Are you a parent?

So are we (well, some of us). We understand that sometimes the best laid plans still mean that you can end with children to look after when you want to be at Bristech - no problem, children are welcome at all our events. We should probably warn you that our speakers are adults presenting to an audience expected to be mostly adults, so some talks may have a degree of adult language.

If you have a baby that needs feeding during the event, please feel free to do so anywhere in the venue you feel comfortable, but if you need somewhere private just let us know.

Do you have a disability or other additional needs?

Please let us know what we can do to help. The Watershed is fully accessible to disabled delegates with ushers in each room and a lift from the box office to the 1st floor, All the rooms have induction loops. For further information about the Watershed’s accessibility, please see their website.

If you have access problems or visual impairment that means we need to ensure you can sit somewhere appropriate, or if there is anything we can do to facilitate your visit please let us know.

Do you need somewhere to practice your faith?

Destination Bristol have a list of places of worship in Bristol. Let us know if you need any help finding the space you need, or visit the Bristol Visitors Centre, which is underneath our conference venue in the waterfront parade.

Are you concerned about what to wear?

Don’t be - please wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!