OpenStack and the Software-Defined Supercomputer - Stig Telfer

This talk is about how the cloud revolution is also revolutionising High Performance Computing (HPC).

The dynamism and convenience of cloud is so often at the expense of performance. How can we take the most demanding workloads from the supercomputer and run them in the cloud, without trashing performance in the process? Conversely, what can supercomputer environments adopt from the free-thinking evolution of cloud, to make these infamously difficult environments more flexible?

This talk will cover some technical examples of how OpenStack and cloud methodologies can be used to create supercomputer environments without sacrificing performance. Performance profiling of networking and storage technologies will be presented. Real-world case studies will be used to describe the motivation and outcomes.

This talk is also about how a small team in Bristol is at the forefront of that revolution, how they are shaping the convergence of cloud and HPC and how this team came to be formed in the crucible of Bristol's tech scene.