Where are the women? - Dora Militaru

Diversity is a problem in tech.

Minority groups are underrepresented, and once hired, they are often either assimilated or excluded. We've been spending a lot of time arguing about diversity, lately. It's time we took a closer look at the dialectic in the diversity debate – and see what’s helpful, and what isn’t.

They say that if diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being glad you’re there.

This talk comes from a personal place – I, like too many people, have had a bad time at the "party" in our industry, blending in to avoid being stereotyped, or sometimes just to cope. (As an aside, there once was Twitter outrage over my being the only woman in the room at a TC39 panel discussion; that didn't help.) This talk will help you understand and begin to fix the diversity issue in technology and beyond. It'll help you contribute to our community becoming more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for everyone.